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Band picture

tosb Poster Issy1

Promo pic of the old OSB, rarely seen as a 4 piece

tosb Reeves

This group morphed from the old OSB into Redhill Road


A young OSB at the old Hotel Isabella

tosb Poster Toad

OSB played off the floor without a sound system


Rory with Redhill Road outdoors in Mississauga

tosb Poster nags

The band remembers the sound guy liked it loud

102.1 live2

Jim, Martha (of the Muffins) at 102.1 reunion


Dan, Rory, Graham S. in another lifetime...

Star Aug 18 2007

Toronto Star (2007) liked Rory's busker audition


Jim, Nash the Slash, some of Teenage Head

tosb Poster last temp

Jim's poster specialty: found objects, copy machine


Dan leads the Music Night band


Fired the stylist shortly after this gig circa '87

tosb Poster Issy3

One of many basement gigs at Hotel Isabella

Bart n Ror

Rory (really, with hair); piano great Bart N

tosb Poster FT xmas

Used to regularly play the Free Times


Rory at Chalet Studio circa 1990

tosb Poster CD relse

Promoting OSB's 1st studio recording

osb poster2.1

The original OSB reunited Nov. 2009


Jim at Hard Love sessions, Chalet Studio

RnR Gully

Singing by the campfire


Not sure what the poster refers to...


Barry, Rory, Dan, Jim, & Wayne stay out of the water